Brittany. NYU. 20.


Sunday August 12th - 12:11am

I just
have to pack and ship and prepare and shop and budget and apply to jobs and get on a plane.
Then I
finally get to brooklyn and move in and shop probably some more and budget some more and SEE MY FRIENDS and do some interviews and hopefully be good enough for at least one of the places and become an intern and get a job and make some money and meet new people and go to concerts and go back to school and write and write and write and write and write and write and write until my fingers fall off and I have nothing filling my mind but words and thoughts and ideas because 
that’s all I really want right now.
And maybe this will be the semester that I finish the novel I’ve been wanting to finish. Or maybe my project with Erin will become something extraordinary. Or maybe something completely magical will occur that will sweep me off my feet and make me feel whole.
But I need to conquer several suitcases and several boxes and several shopping carts and several bank statements before I can get back to everything and no longer feel like a bum who is stuck at home. 

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  1. vaticanroulette said: how about we swap lives but, instead of me taking your life, you just take mine and keep yours too. SOUNDS GOOD RIGHT
  2. shut-up-erin said: You’re gonna be fine. We’re gonna be great. (:
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