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Thursday March 7th - 8:46am

David Bowie and Iggy Pop: The Next Day and Ready To Die

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Monday February 11th - 4:30pm

I wrote about Justin Bieber, One Direction, and their young, female fandoms for SOTC


A little background on this: I wasn’t a Justin Bieber fan until last spring. “Boyfriend” stuck out to me as a really mature, fun song from him, so I started paying attention. I hated One Direction, too, up until late November/early December.

Since then, I’ve taken a step back and looked at why I hated these artists and why there is so much stigma surrounding them. I think what we’re teaching teen girls is that they’re not Legitimate Tastemakers because they can’t Seriously Understand Music. Which is ridiculous. Maybe that’s why we have such a lack of female music journalists - we’re teaching young women that their personal tastes don’t matter because they are incapable of having any on a critical level. 

So yeah! Enjoy! Listen to that acoustic SNL performance Bieber did this past weekend and let this simmer. xoxo

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Saturday February 9th - 11:39pm

Justin Timberlake! Destiny's Child! My Bloody Valentine!: The Week of Triumphant Returns


new post for sotc from yesterday~

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Wednesday January 2nd - 2:45pm



Hi, hello!

First off, a massive thank you to everyone for liking and reblogging posts in my song series! It was really fun to make, even though around Sunday I wasn’t sure if I had the energy to finish it. I’m glad I did, though, and it turned out to be a positive way to cap off 2012.

Second, an even bigger thank you to the people who have been in my life from this past year and beyond. 2012 was fantastic — from randomly trekking to the east coast to see How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying to living in Prague for four months to seeing all of Ireland in a week to working with my best friends from high school all summer to getting an apartment with someone I love dearly to the Village Voice to a semester filled with reaching numerous academic, personal, and professional goals to spending last night watching Catfish and Say Yes to the Dress until 4pm today with some of the most precious angels in my life, I’ve been blessed.

So I guess for 2013 (the year I turn 21!), my goals are to be fearless and a bit reckless rather than holding myself back from things that terrify my. Just to go with my gut. While I’m pushing myself forward, I also need to learn how to ease up with being so harsh on myself. I’m my most awful critic.

Other 2013 goals:

  • Travel to the West Coast, or at least book plans to travel to the West Coast. 
  • Keep up my grades.
  • Continue to make a good base for myself as a writer so that graduating in 2014 feels a little less terrifying. 
  • Be touristy in New York again! I missed doing fun stuff around the city this year, especially since I wasn’t really back in it until August. 
  • Meet new people and grow closer to the ones I already have in my life.
  • Do more writing projects on here like Top 50 2k12.

I love you all and take care. Be sure to tell me your probably ridiculous New Year’s Eve stories.


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Monday December 31st - 2:37am

I think my biggest goal for 2013 is to just be happier. Things only sucked when I told myself they did. Life could be great if I weren’t so down on myself all the time and waiting for people to criticize me.

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Monday December 31st - 2:34am

obligatory new year’s eve post.


2011 happened to be a great year. The last quarter of it became a little sad and stressful, but I won’t let that deter from the amazing things that have happened since January.

I feel like this has been my most productive year. In my classes, I pushed myself to be the best student I could be. All A’s and one B per semester. The papers I have written were some of the best academic pieces I have ever created. 

And outside of school, I joined the newspaper. That has been one of my better decisions. Getting to go to Broadway shows for free, then having my work published is such a great feeling. 

It’s been a year of firsts for me: first job (America Reads), first time leaving the country (Paris), and first internship (Allure). All of those firsts helped me feel like I have finally grown up and can successfully live on my own in the real world.

And the last quarter of the year really has been so sad. Losing my grandpa, who was the man who fulfilled the job my father didn’t, was probably the worst loss I have ever experienced. Then my grandma and uncle were both in the hospital around the same time; luckily, both are home and recovering quickly. The holidays have been a little sadder this year.

I can’t even begin to thank the people in my life who have helped me through all of this. My friends from high school know how important they are to me; the ones who have stuck around and have helped me through the tough times as well as supported and celebrated with me during the happier times, are incredible people. I am so thankful for each and every one of you.

Then, the college friends. The greatest thing 2011 has brought me is a collection of magnificently weird people who have become a big part in my life. Again, you each know who you are. You guys have taught me just how important it is to have fun and be myself. I can’t even begin to mention the great moments, whether it’s hanging out at a bar at midnight on Easter or drunkenly watching Doctor Who during a hurricane, I am so thankful for all of you, and I love you dearly.

In retrospect, I guess I can say I’ve had a pretty good year.

2012 goals:

  • Make the most of Prague
  • Get an editorial internship at a music magazine
  • Write a ton of pieces for my wordpress blog/get more followers.
  • Continue building old friendships and making new ones
  • Journal more
  • (Hopefully) Get an apartment in NYC (this is such a tricky one, but I want it so bad)
  • Be wise/frugal with money
  • There are so many more, but they’re a lot more personal :)

I love you all and thanks to anyone who kept reading. Happy new year everyone!


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Sunday December 30th - 11:46pm


“Your Bones” - Of Monsters and Men

I discovered “Your Bones” while studying in Prague. As an excruciatingly bitter Czech winter came to an end, I entered the chilly spring with this song on repeat while walking along cobblestone streets and soaking in the painfully pretty architecture. 

There’s a thickly antique romanticism sweeping through Of Monsters and Men’s song, and due to the time I discovered it, it’s hard for me to dissociate the sound from the feel of a European spring. I’ve regarded it so much reverence, especially for the drag of the drums as it progresses. It reminds me of gorgeous landscapes, pastel homes, thick accents, and Pilsner in the same way my collection of Facebook pictures do. What makes it so much more special is the evocative, picturesque quality of the lyrics and tone that help make the song as beautiful as the memories I’ve attached to it.

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Saturday December 29th - 9:33pm

imaninicole16 replied to your video: brittanyspanos: I Would - One Direction The…

5 weeks brittany i will give you 5-6 weeks of listening because kelly and i sent you the cd the week after it came out :D

GOD IT FEELS SO MUCH SHORTER. Break and finals threw me off. 

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Saturday December 29th - 8:17pm


“I Would” - One Direction

The most difficult decision I’ve made during the playlist-making process is which One Direction to put on the list.

Let me preface by saying that I hated One Direction until about three weeks ago. I thought Zayn was cute over the summer, but I refused to listen to any of their songs until right before their MSG concert rolled around. After an unnamed friend of mine sent me both of their albums, I got sucked in along with the rest of the world, and I regret nothing.

The list started out with “Heart Attack.” Then it had “Heart Attack” and “What Makes You Beautiful,” the latter being their breakthrough single that had been inescapable for the first half of 2012. But after rigorously listening to their second album Take Me Home, like all professional writers obviously should, I found the essence of what I love about One Direction in the track “I Would” - the romance and the ultimate boyishness of this boy band who, in the words of Justin Bieber, “just want to love and treat you right.” 

Listening to this song, it makes sense why they’ve been performing covers of Wheatus’ “Teenage Dirtbag” recently - it’s the ultimate high school crush pining song. But rather than the self-deprecation of Wheatus’ lyrics, “I Would” is an anthemic promise of just being better, whether that’s in comparison to the guy you’re with or the other boy bands you’ve been in love with. 

What’s even better about 1D is the fact that they all have incredible talent - each one gets a chance to shine on both this track and the entire album and have showcased their independent ranges before. So maybe they’ll actually turn out to be the best despite all the jokes and gentle prodding; teenage girls have a tendency to make accurate predictions about what’s going to be popular. From past British Invasion artists like the Beatles to early millenium pop staples like *NSYNC, we all know who brought them to our attention in the first place. 

So while I may not get Zayn Malik to fall in love with me (to be determined) or learn the secrets of Harry Styles’ hair, I can find comfort in the promise of what they will continue to be.

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Friday December 28th - 3:53pm


“Call Me Maybe” - Carly Rae Jepsen

I caved. I fell into a sinking pit of bubblegum and got stuck. Carly Rae Jepsen is completely to blame for this.

I didn’t hear this song until my spring break trip in Ireland when a group of Australians travelling along with my friends and I kept singing it incessantly. Maybe that’s where my initial hatred of the track came from - the force-feeding of a song down my throat before even realizing how much it had blown up back home.

Like any particularly catchy pop song, after months of being wholly in opposition of its popularity, I began seeking it out. If it played on the car radio, I’d keep it on. If it happened to come on at a store, I’d linger a bit longer than usual. After reading Rob Sheffield’s description of his love for “Call Me Maybe” in his year-end song list for Rolling Stone, I came to terms with my own problem.

My name is Brittany, and I’m obsessed with “Call Me Maybe.”

There has not been a better pop single since the heyday of Britney Spears - as Sheffield put it, it’s “a diabolically brilliant blast of teen lust,” and isn’t that really the foundation popular music was built on? Who are the biggest consumers of pop music? Horny teenagers. What is the smartest and most knowledgable audience of pop music? Horny motherfucking teenagers. From The Beatles earnestly wanting to hold your hand to Britney Spears cooing “Hit Me Baby (One More Time)” there has been a formula to a pop song - talkin’ about our fantasies of love in the catchiest way possible - and Jepsen hit it right on the head.

As I’ve come to terms with my own obsession, I think it’s time we all do the same. What’s wrong with screaming the lyrics of “Call Me Maybe” out the windows of your car? Absolutely nothing. It’s everything we want to say to the cute guy or girl in whatever public sphere we’re too nervous to approach them in, and sometimes it’s okay to allow music to let all of us live inside that dream.

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Thursday December 27th - 11:19pm


“Give Your Heart A Break” - Demi Lovato

Demi has been my main bitch since Camp Rock, the musical Disney film released towards the end of my brief, semi-secret Jonas Brothers phase during high school. Her voice is absolutely incredible, especially in comparison to the other Disney darlings of her era (no shade towards the JoBros, Miley, or Selena). 

After she made her little comeback, her sound has felt much more independent, raw, and mature. “Give Your Heart A Break,” though not so much ‘raw’ may actually be the most mature pop single of the year from the least likely source. Everything about the sound is rich and soaring, but it’s the singer’s voice that rises above. It’s also the type of song that can be stripped down without losing the quality or showcasing some hidden ridiculousness. And while I tend to avoid discussion of my Glee obsession, I must say that Lea Michele & Dean Geyer’s cover of the song proved the point of how well it translates to an acoustic tone. Beyond that, how sweet is the sentiment to give someone’s heart a break? Lovato has totally sold me on that new pick-up line, just saying.

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Wednesday December 26th - 4:15pm



Hello, my angels ~

It’s here and ready to begin tomorrow: My Totally Subjective List of 50 Songs I Enjoyed in 2012. Catchy, right?


  • I tried to cut these down to 25 but it literally pained me to delete certain ones, and when I reached 50, it was a hell of a lot easier to say “bye” to some randos that wanted to sneak their way on.
  • There is absolutely no formula to this whatsoever. It’s literally a collection of songs I really enjoyed this year. Some are singles while some are off of albums I’ve enjoyed but not technically released as singles. Some were *technically* released in 2011, some were actually released this year. If they were a stray song off an album and not a heavily played or released single from this year, then the album had to be from 2012. For singles, if I saw it on someone else’s list, I know it’s okay to include on my year-end list. Mostly because my sensibilities of what had been popular this year were skewed after living in Prague for four months. #whoops
  • It’s a completely random list genre-wise, and not entirely on purpose. Lots of pop/Top 40 “shit,” Pitchfork darlings, etc. Just a random collection of things I enjoyed. There are so many other songs/albums I enjoyed, but these have all been stuck in my head the longest.
  • I’m not writing the blurbs in any sort of order. It’s kind of random except for the Top 10, which will all be posted on December 31st and are the first ten songs on the Spotify playlist.  
  • Leave me your thoughts? Questions? Concerns? Or just tell me your favorite songs along the way because discovering new or forgotten things is always nice.

That’s it! I’ll have a tag for this and a link in each post to find all the others on my page, as well as the playlist. Enjoy!!

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